hafele appliances dealers in delhi
hafele appliances dealers in delhi


hafele appliances dealers in west delhi

The kitchen has to be used whether it's a normal or a luxurious modular kitchen. And so all the aspects need to be sorted well by aligning them with the required designs.

hafele appliances dealers in west delhi

Guzel believes in adding a perfect blend of power and elegance and so you can avail the best models from the Hafele chimney collections which are:

  1. Slider Touch Control
  2. Powerful Motor
  3. Aluminum Mesh Filters
hafele appliances dealers in west delhi

Dish Washer

hafele appliances dealers

Do you have dish comfort in managing your dishes? Well, worry not because Bosch collaborating with Guzel has got your back. With us, you can choose a different model of the dishwasher that suits your desired design and add more value to your luxurious modular kitchen. And the offered models are:

  1. Built-in models
  2. Freestanding models
hafele appliances dealers

Microwave & Oven

Baking or microwave cooking can become fun, easy, and quick with the different appliances that Hafele offers. Here enjoy making healthy meals with Guzel at your customized kitchen and the best Baking appliances offered from Hafele which are:

hafele appliances dealers
  1. Built-in Oven
  2. Microwave with Grill
  3. Combi Steam Oven
  4. Combi Microwave Oven
  5. Convection Microwave
hafele appliances dealers


Guzel Concepts

Without any doubt, a fridge is something that serves multiple requirements which is dependent upon how you wish to use it. Fridges and freezers have the utilization demanding the maximum storage space, freshness which is long-lasting, durability along with high-quality material, and of course eye-catching innovative design. It is the reason why Guzel offers the Liebherr appliances as they are the right solution for all your refrigerator related needs. Major offerings that you receive from us are:

Freestanding appliances

  1. Bottom Mount
  2. Double Door
  3. Single Door
  4. French Door
Guzel Concepts

Built-in appliances

  1. Built-in Freezers
  2. Built-in Refrigerators
  3. Built-in Fridge and Freezers
Guzel Concepts

Explore Furniture Components

We have an extensive collection of furniture fittings and architectural hardware available to you.

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Hafele Home Appliance Dealers in Delhi
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Hafele Home Appliance Dealers in New Delhi

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