Master Bathroom

It will be found attached to the master bedroom.

It is meant for privacy and a certain measure of luxury since it is the largest bathroom in the house.

Typically, this would be the bathroom where you install a bathtub or a special shower cubicle.
Moreover, most people invest in ambient lighting and special vanity counters for their master bathrooms.

Secondary bathroom

It could be attached to the second bedroom (not the master bedroom).

This bathroom is shared by kids or other family members. It is smaller than the master bathroom. The design of this type of bathroom depends on who is using it.

If it is being shared by one or more kids, you could use bright colors, funky shower curtains and shelves that are reachable for children. However, if it is used by elderly members of the family, your bathroom ideas should include safety features like anti-skid tiles, handlebars and optimum lighting.

Powder Room/Half bathroom

This type of bathroom is located in the common areas of the house adjoining the living or dining room.

It is meant to be used by guests to freshen up. Powder rooms are usually half the size of regular bathrooms.

A half-bathroom usually has an elaborate vanity unit complete with task lights. It also has a toilet pot.
Also, you might get to see fancy basins and plush tiles in powder rooms as they are meant to be used by guests.

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